23 May 2011

International Household Survey Network


The International Household Survey Network is maintained by the World Bank data group and aims to aims to improve the quality and access to information about surveys in developing countries. 

Key features of the site include a searchable catalogue of over 4,000 surveys covering hundreds of nations worldwide including those in developed nations. These enable users to quickly identify surveys undertaken in a specific nation by national; or international agencies. They include census and population surveys, household and economic surveys. Typical entries give dates, sampling methods and links to websites where information on access can be obtained. The site also has an extensive question bank plus tools and guidelines on micro data collection and questionnaire design and analysis. Entries for some countries date from the 1950s onwards.

For those interested in this topic BREAD is a non-profit organisation which specialises in development economics. It maintains a catalogue of data surveys from developing countries focusing more narrowly on poverty and health. There are 400 currently listed: http://ipl.econ.duke.edu:8080/survey/

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