20 October 2010

Open Access Week

This week is Open Access Week. 

Open Access Week 2010 banner

What Open Access is: free online access to research output such as journal articles, conference papers, working papers, book chapters and PhDs; making publicly funded research publicly available; an important way of increasing the visibility and impact of researchers’ work.

What it isn’t: subject to barriers such as subscription costs; self-publishing or a way of by-passing peer review and publication.
Open Access repositories, such as SOAS Research Online, are a key way to make research material available to all.

SOAS academics and researchers – to reap the benefits of making your work Open Access, please submit your papers to the Institutional Repository. Instructions are available here.

Still want more information? Check out JISC’s OA Week microsite: http://openaccess.jisc.ac.uk/ for a week of hot topics in Open Access.

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