19 July 2010

ESDS Survey

Users are invited to take part in a survey of the Economic and Social Data Service (ESDS).

The survey has been launched by the ESRC and the results from the survey will feed into the mid-term review of ESDS.

The ESRC has established a panel to review ESDS. This review will inform ESRC's and JISC's decision on the continued funding of ESDS beyond the current contract that will end in 2012. This includes ESDS International which is a specialist service of ESDS.

The panel is anxious to gather feedback about ESDS from those who may have used it. Users of ESDS, including both depositors and researchers utilising the datasets, are invited to complete a short survey, the results of which will inform the review panel's work. The panel would welcome the views of anyone wishing to share feedback with them.

The questionnaire should take about ten minutes to complete.


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